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give a peer review on these two discussion question comments. 1. Explain the difference between pivotal and peripheral norms. The difference between the two is that pivotal norms are essential to accomplishing the organization?s objectives while peripheral norms are not. According to Wagner and Hollenback, pivotal norms are an absolute requirement and peripheral norms are not formally required but may still have an influence on the culture of the organization. The norms are what set the tone for the culture of the organization. The pivotal norms for one organization can be the peripheral in another and vice versa. 2. How would you define "organizational development?? After reading the first to chapters of the book I have now come to a way that I would define ?Organizational Development?. The way I see it is the way organizations today are developing and changing. With new technology today and forever growing organizations or seeking constant change in order to make their businesses grow and become more successful. ?Organizational development comprises the long-range effects and programs aimed at improving an organization?s ability to survive by changing is problem-solving and renewal processes. OD involves moving toward an adaptive organization and achieving corporate excellence by integrating the desires of individuals for growth and development with organizational goals (Brown 3-31).?


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