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Please see the attached document, and according wh...




Please see the attached document, and according what I have already work on I want you to help me complete and develop the following: 1. The company?s current performance 2. The strategic vision for the company 3. Performance targets for the next year or two: The moves they would make over the next several years to win out over their close competitors and improve their company?s performance and market standing 4. The company?s present strategy and how it has evolved 5. Which companies are considered to be their closest competitors 6. the prediction of the impact of the issue (not having an organized strategy global expansion plan for Colombia), the impact on Starbucks and leadership: - Impact of the issue we previously identified (globalization, specifically to Colombia, an area where a large percentage of Starbuck?s coffee beans are from). Possible failure due to previous unsuccessful expansion attempts. - Ways to deal with the issue. - Identify the impact if the issue is not dealt with. - Implications if leadership ignore the issue. - Recommendations to understanding, addressing and coping with the issue.


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