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V. Gordon Childe was quite adamant that an agricul...




V. Gordon Childe was quite adamant that an agricultural revolution preceded the rise of cities. He maintained that agriculture provided a necessary food surplus that enabled some people to do other things besides farming all of the time. In a well thought out essay, discuss the rise of agriculture and explain the connection between agricultural village life and the development of cities. Where do we first see signs of agriculture and agricultural village life? What fundamental changes did agriculture and village life bring about? How are agricultural villages different from urban centers? Does Childe?s assessment hold true for all parts of the world? Make sure your essay includes an introductory paragraph where you explain how you will answer the question; a essay body in which you include specific examples from the text to support your argument or thesis; and a concluding paragraph where you re-summarize all the points you have made in your essay and briefly explain how these points support your argument or answer to the question. A good response should, at the minimum, be 200 to 300 words long.


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