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ABC Company has developed the following standard c...




ABC Company has developed the following standard cost data based on 60,000 direct labor hours, which is 75% of the firm's capacity. Fixed overhead is $360,000 and variable overhead is $180,000 at this level of activity. Direct material (3 lbs. @ $2.00/lb.) $ 6.00 Direct labor (0.5 hrs. @ $8.00/hr.) 4.00 Factory overhead (0.5 hrs. @ $9.00/hr.) 4.50 Total standard cost per unit $14.50 During the last period, the company spent 48,000 direct labor-hours to produce 128,000 units and incurred the following manufacturing costs: Actual cost incurred Direct material (380,000 lbs.) $779,000 Direct labor (63,000 hrs.) 507,150 Fixed overhead 365,000 Variable overhead 220,000 Required: a. Determine all variances for direct materials, direct labor, and factory overheads. Use the 4-variance method for factory overheads.


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