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Background Information: Able Corporation is a suc...




Background Information: Able Corporation is a successful US manufacturing company located in Tennessee that builds power tools, lawn mowers, lawn furniture, microwaves, and ranges. All products are manufactured locally and sold through large retailers like Sears, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart. They have sale papers inserted in every Wednesday and Sunday paper. Although they have a thriving business in the US and Canada, Able is trying to break into the global marketplace. Assignment: At this point in time, you are at the beginning of a project, which will eventually yield (in six months) a complete business plan for Able's strategic initiative to penetrate the global marketplace. You will need to consider the strategic management process in building this business plan. In relation to this process, please prepare a report that provides appropriate responses to the following questions: * How would you go about defining the identity of Able Corporation and creating its mission statement? Where would you look for the information? What do you already know about Able that can help? * What principle would you use in order to prioritize the implementation steps needed to accomplish the strategic objectives? * What post implementation and feedback mechanisms would you have in place to evaluate the effectiveness of the process? What measures would you use? * What legal and ethical issues, if any, need to be considered? " - Sent to Business Expert Tutor on 7/19/2010 at 9:37pm You asked: "All individual project assignments require a minimum of three (3) scholarly sources You are welcome and encouraged to use the David text book and the course materials that came for this course; however, make sure to use a minimum of at least three (3) scholarly sources as well. Your report MUST include a reference list. All research should be cited in the body of the paper. Reports without citations may not earn any higher grade than a ?C? letter grade. Your report should contain an abstract, a short introduction, and conclusion in addition to the body of the paper. Please note that if you have a source in your reference section, you need to cite it in the body of the paper per APA guidelines and vice-versa. " there is no word limit. It is a graduate level paper. Material needs to cover the topics in total. It is how well the topic is researched and covered that determines the length.,Good evening, I may have made a mistake, I needed this paper this weekend, and I received a paper i thought dated for next week tonight. Please let me know if this paper can be completed by 7/24/2010. I need the paper to have in text citations, APA format. The paper must have at a minimum of three external references. Please let me know how to proceed. I am sure I got confused on the dates because of the update needed for indicating the length of the paper.,Thank you for the paper. I have the same problems with this paper as in the previous one I commented on. There are no in text citations. There is not a reference list. On this paper I did remember to add the requirement of a minimum of three external reference sources. These are the initial observations. I will commence work on reading the material carefully to understand what you were telling me. If I have other concerns I will let you know Thank you very much for your great assistance.


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