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Please apply any two of these theories such as ut...




Please apply any two of these theories such as utilitarianism, ethics of Duty (Kant), virtue ethics, Discourse ethics, ethics of care, for answering the following case. Case 1 Tom works for a small firm specializing in textile print designs. The firm has recently landed a contract with a large supermarket chain. Among other things, they have been asked to produce a print design for a sweatshirt, to be sold to young adult females. Tom is given the brief. He drafts various designs but is not very happy with them, neither is the managing director, who occasionally asks how Tom is getting on with his work. Tom is also busy working on a range of other projects. As the deadline approaches, Tom gets slightly desperate, but then while browsing the internet during his lunch break he comes across a girl called Nina?s internet blog. Nina is a fashion student and uses pictures of herself on her blog to advertise her own fashion designs. One of the photos depicts her in a dreamy-looking pose, and Tom thinks that with some flower pattern placed around the photo, that would make the perfect print design for the sweatshirt. Nina has a statement on her blog that says that all the content featured on her site belongs to her and permission for use any of her photos is required. He emails her to ask her permission to use her photo but does not hear back from her. The deadline arrives, he still hasn?t heard from Nina but he does not want to ask for an extension of deadline, knowing that the supermarket chain would not be pleased about it and also because he has been in trouble before for not meeting deadlines. He passes his design on to the managing director, who likes it. The managing director usually trusts that his employees work within copyright rules and therefore does not ask Tom any questions regarding the photo. The designs the company has produced find the supermarket?s approval and shortly afterwards clothes with the new print designs are going on sale in all their large stores across the country. Did Tom do the right thing? ? Identification of stakeholders and issues ? Outlining of main features of ethical theories and application of theories to case ? Style and Presentation accurate referencing (harvard) ? in-text citation please make sure to Paraphrase will for Avoiding plagiarism. The assignment should be around 1700 words. Introduction should be the brief of case + brief of the two theories that you?re going to applied + brief of what are you going to do in the assignment. (150-180 words) Body paragraph: Identification of stakeholders and issues + Outlining of main features of ethical theories and application of the two theories to case Conclusion: the brief summary of the findings. (150-200 words) Authentic Reference list (harvard style).


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