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(TCO 4) If there are certain columns of informatio...




(TCO 4) If there are certain columns of information that are not needed at a particular time but might be needed later, _____ the unneeded columns to allow users to focus on only the essential information. (Points : 2) hide delete freeze format 2. (TCO 4) In Excel, the print area is defined as _____. (Points : 2) an individual piece of data, such as a last name a complete set of data for an entity the sequence in which pages print the range of data to print 3. (TCO 4) When sorting in Excel, it arranges records in a table _____. (Points : 2) by the number of pages in the worksheet by the number of pages in the workbook by the value in field(s) within a table by permanently removing extraneous data 4. (TCO 4) Filtering the Last_Name column (field) to show only records that begin with the letter S is an application of _____. (Points : 2) the use of a table element as a formula a Number Filter a Text Filter a Date Filter 5. (TCO 4) To apply a red background color to cells for employees who have sales greater than $1,000, you can use _____. (Points : 2) a PivotTable a multiple level sort conditional formatting a range name 6. (TCO 4) Using Conditional Formatting to draw attention to cells that are blank _____. (Points : 2) displays a particular color based on the relative value of the cell contents to other selected cells displays an icon representing a value in the top third, quarter, or fifth based on values in the selected range helps locate where data may be missing helps locate errors in cells quickly 7. (TCO 4) For Subtotals to be useful and accurate, it is important that the data be _____ correctly. (Points : 2) sorted formatted aligned labeled 8. (TCO 4) To add a PivotTable, choose the Insert PivotTable command from the _____ group. (Points : 2) tables format layout chart 9. (TCO 4) Data mining techniques such as PivotTables can detect _____ of data. (Points : 2) patterns categories styles groups 10. (TCO 4) To create a calculated field, select _____ located on the PivotTable Tools Options tab. (Points : 2) Calculations Insert Calculated Field dialog launcher Tools PivotTable Calculation 11. (TCO 4) A Pivot Table Style controls all the following EXCEPT _____. (Points : 2) bolding font colors number format shading colors 12. (TCO 4) What are the areas of a PivotTable Report where fields can be placed? (Points : 2) Criteria Range and Extract Range Values, Axis Fields, Legend Fields, and Report Filter Values, Row Labels, Column Labels, and Report Filter Database, Field, and Criteria 13. (TCO 4) The PivotChart Tools contextual tab includes all the following EXCEPT _____. (Points : 2) design layout format type 14. (TCO 4) Click the _____ to sort or filter the chart representation based on the values. (Points : 2) Axis Field arrows Report Filter arrows Values arrows Legend Field arrows 15. (TCO 4) Pivot Charts look best when they use basic charts, such as a _____. (Points : 2) column chart scatter chart radar chart surface chart


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