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I tried to re-submit one question, I submitted 2,...




I tried to re-submit one question, I submitted 2, but due to your rules, I was notified to submit 1 question. I paid to be a member, so why the hell am I being bill to use the services of your tutors. if I am going to be billed twice everytime I use your tutors, then I'll stop my membership, and ask for a refund.,where is my answer?,Rachel P. this is not how the homework is supposr to look!!! where are the pivot tables???? This is all wrong!!!! These tables look totally different from the examples that my teacher!!!!!,where are the pivot tables!!!! this is not the correct table!!! Who can I talk to about a refund!!! this is a mistake!!I want a refund!!! I would rather pay somebody who is going to do professional work, rather than throw just anything at their customers!!,Please cancel my membership and refund my money, this was obviously a bad mistake. I just want my refund. So far my experience, has been nothing but bad, and I would never recommend anybody to this web site.,I submitted this assignment to this website for the tutors to work on, but I did this homework myself last night. I will attach it, to give you the general idea as to how my homework is suppose to look. Please view the attached file:,I worked the problem myself. its finished. I just want a refund. I don't want to be a member anymore.,Please let me know if my membership has been cancelled, and my money refunded to me...


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