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After reading the F. X. Pounds, Inc. Case Study an...




After reading the F. X. Pounds, Inc. Case Study and viewing the F. X. Pounds, Inc. Case Study presentation, respond to the following questions: Consider the positioning school: Strategy formation as an analytical process. Complete a Five Forces analysis for F. X. Pounds. Which of Porter?s Four Generic Strategies should apply to F. X. Pounds? Remember to consider how the tools and strategies relate to one another. Consider the entrepreneurial school: Strategy formation as a visionary process. How should Pam proceed as a visionary leader, given the fragmented structure of the shareholders? How does the organization deal with risk? How does it deal with uncertainty? What is the market structure of the industry? How does the market structure help to define potential strategic options? Based on your analysis, synthesize specific recommendations that you would make to Pam for the upcoming board meeting. Remember to include recommendations on both the land and fuel companies." " At least 2 to 3 pages please thanks " I need by the 0700 in the morning please thanks I attached the case study and it can also be found online F. X. Pounds, Inc. Case Study


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