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Your assignment is to research on the Internet the...




Your assignment is to research on the Internet the case involving the Ford Pinto. I think just by Googling that term "Ford Pinto" you will find a LOT of information. Here is what is expected: 1. A Preface "Overview" of the issues surrounding the Ford Pinto. This is often two or three paragraphs long, but may be longer depending upon the information provided. Be specific! Assume the persons reading your work have no idea about the case. What are the FACTS about the case (what can be proved based upon the information in the case) and what are the ASSUMPTIONS (things that you cannot prove as a solid fact, but believe to be important to the overall case). 2. Ask yourself three questions regarding the Ford Pinto case which will require research to answer. a. "Why did Ford's leadership make the decisions they made regarding the design flaw issues with the Pinto?" b. Now come up with 2 more thought provoking and far reaching questions. These questions need to be philosophical in nature such as question 1 above, not fact related such as how much would corrections have cost. Using this example, instead of asking "how much would it have cost to 'fix' the problems," ask "With the costs of fixing the problems being $xx per vehicle, why did Ford executives refuse to take this course of action?" 3. Answer each of the questions you have asked. What is expected in the responses are specifics. Were there legal cases? What were the accounting issues? What were the safety issues? These are just some ideas of things to research. a. Using the references you found, AND CITING THEM, write a minimum of two paragraphs for each question discussing your findings. b. Each answer should do just that, answer the question. If the answer poses more questions, then you should address them also. 4. Conclude your research with two or three paragraphs which summarizes the entire case and your questions. This will be very similar to the introduction preface to the case, but will add information pertaining to the information you provided in the case write-up.


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