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Quality Textiles International Customer Complaint Investigation & Recommendations Scenario: As Quality Engineer for Quality Textiles International you have been asked by the executive management team to analyze recent customer complaints by investigating the production processes, and to identify solutions based on your analysis. You need to answer the question: Is the process in control? Resources: University of Phoenix Material: Quality Textiles International; WK 4 Individual Assignment HELP SHEET in the CMF WK 4 Grading Rubric in the CMF Memo template in the CMF Video of textile manufacturing operation: Writing a business memo: Familiarize with function of the Quality Engineer - ?Quality Professionals: Quality Engineer ?at Review the University of Phoenix Material: Quality Textiles International document, located on the WK 4 student website. Calculate the mean and standard deviation of the NEW/provided data using Microsoft? Excel? program [descriptive statistics]. This represents your analysis of the current process. Use the provided X-bar [run or line] to determine if the process is in control. Remember that if any portion of a process? product is out of control, the entire process is considered out of control. Prepare a one page [max] memo that summarizes your analysis of the customer complaint, includes descriptive statistics for before and after the complaint, the supporting control chart, and provides specific problem solutions. By the time you are writing the memo you should have determined the root cause and taken corrective actions. This memo is to report the results of your investigation and any steps taken to upper management. Submit the one page [max]memo as a WORD doc at the Assignments Link and post a separate individual Certificate of Originality. No title page is needed.,Hi Rachel The attachment explains everything.. Sorry about this.,Hi Rachel Is there a possibility you can get this done before the deadline you requested. I will also increase the amount to $70 Please Advise,Thank You


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