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Final Assignment - Details & Examples Final Assignment: Deliver your Product Life Cycle plan, projecting your MMSs for the entire life cycle of your selected product/service and for each of your customer segments, from Introduction or Growth stages, through Mature to Declining. The final assignment will serve as your final executive report over your mission to develop the proper marketing mix strategies to support the new growth initiative. Build on what you have developed on previous assignments and outline the specific "P" strategies that you'll employ at each stage of the product life cycle and for each of your targeted segments. Up to 25% of your previous work can be recited here, referenced properly by APA standards. Summary tables will do great here! More details attached below. To further help you put the requirements and expectations of the Final Assignment in perspective, attached are a few papers from a previous Module. None is perfect, but all are in the 90-100% range, typified by: addressing the assignment requirements, supporting the findings/discussion/conclusions with quality research, applying critical thinking and integration of course knowledge, and, writing professionally to targeted audience. The original papers were converted to PDF format.,Attached is another example paper,Attached isa 3rd example paper,Below are QIDs from previous papers you wrote on this subject, please review them. 7449429 7430098,Look at the example I sent about to 10 pages will sufice, I will not pay much more,due to previous papers not being correctly done, if this one looks goood, I will add a 30 dollar tip at the end. Just please read all the example provided and the instructions. Thank you


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