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Arnold Schwartz is a call centre team leader who i...




Arnold Schwartz is a call centre team leader who is one of the best people in the organization for developing new employees in stressful call centre operations. Schwartz knows when to provide clear directions for new recruits and when to provide support and understanding when the workload seems overwhelming or customers are angry. However, Schwartz has trouble working with skilled and highly experienced staff members. Some complain that he looks over their shoulder too often and offers too much advice. Others suggest that he wants to listen with sympathy to their unfavourable customer calls even though they don't feel they need this support. The vice-president of call centre operations is concerned, based on this information, that Schwartz seems to be an ineffective leader overall even though he works very well with new recruits. Comment on the accuracy of the vice-president's conclusions about Arnold Schwartz, using theories and models.


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