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***I am requesting to get my answer worked on by tutor tdas1*** Due Date: NO LATER than Saturday 09-Feb by or before 7:00 am CST Required length: Part 1 requires a flow chart in MS Word or MS Power Point (1- 2 pages) Part 2 requires a 1-2 page length (TEXT) about a technology solution to scenario PLUS a reference page in APA format Word Count: Not important as long as the rubric is followed correctly and requested answer is provided. Required external reference in APA format: at least 2 references from an .org .gov website or an acceptable scholarly journal article. If tdas1 is not available then I am requesting a deeply knowledgeable business tutor with the knowledge of English writing, MS word and/or MS PowerPoint Assignment: ***See attached and please take the time to read*** Case Study Stage 2: Business Process Analysis and Technology Solution Proposal; There are two parts to this assignment: (POINT 1) Using either a flow chart or an outline format, you will analyze the business process identified in Stage 1 (breaking it down into sequential steps and modeling it). This can be either a Microsoft Word or PowerPoint document to be submitted. (POINT 2) Using the case provided, propose a 'technology solution' for improving the process identified in Stage 1 and explain how the solution would support the organization's strategic objectives. Your solution proposal will take the form of a short paper, using Microsoft Word. Note: It?s tempting to proposing integrating lots of new technology but focus on a single one that is easily supportive of proposed strategy and improvement. *Please see the attached .pdf document. It is extremely important that you fully understand the assignment and request. Should you have any questions please let me know. I will provide a very generous tip should the work be at a 90% level graded agents the rubric in the .pdf attachment.


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