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Based on the information available, which three ca...




Based on the information available, which three candidates would you select for this two-year assignment to Dublin and Dubai? Why? What kind of training should be provided prior to departure (or prior to selecting the candidate for the role)? Should the company be responsible for housing payments? Should they select candidate #1? Based on your research, have you found that companies should pay for private education (or for international schools) for children of expats? Identify and describe other competitive benefits that can be offered when assigning expats to a global post. What are some of the challenges that the selected candidate(s) face(s) when assigned to this new post in Dublin and Dubai, or when the assignment comes to an end? Does the compensation awarded commensurate with the level of the global responsibility? Provide practical examples and related facts to support your answers,The Scenario Mary Wright is a human resources consultant for a Telecommunications company in Miami, Florida, USA. Recently her company decided to expand its operations overseas in the Arab Emirates, in Dubai. Mary has worked for the company for more than seven years, possesses a Master?s degree, is fluent in four languages (English, Spanish, Arab, and French), and has the required management expertise to move on to a much greater role. Due to Mary?s extensive professional background and dedication to the company, her company has identified her as a strong contender to support their expansion efforts in Dubai and has offered Mary to fill the role of VP of Human Resources and Employee Relations. Mary will report to the newly appointed COO in Dubai. Mary has accepted this new role and professional challenge and is expected to move to Dubai in 90 days. Her new assignment overseas includes a compensation and benefit package that is quite competitive and exceeds all of her expectations. Mary has never visited Dubai but has been always attracted to that part of the world. This first new assignment will give her the opportunity to work as an expatriate abroad and build a strategic IHRM partnership in Dubai and other regions. She has been directed by the COO to develop, train, and position a team of both home and host country professionals, attract, recruit and select qualified global talent, set new performance management standards, develop a competitive compensation package, develop a competency based program, and introduce an IHRM strategic plan to serve as a global model to lead a transformational vision of change and chart the course of the organization into the future. This new business model is expected to gain global market share and increase bottom line results across the globe. Working in Dubai - Etiquette NOTE: For more information, refer to the Working in Dubai - Etiquette link located in the course Webliography. Your Role Please read the You Decide carefully, and refer to this situation when answering the second Discussion question this week. Your role is to analyze this scenario and present your findings by responding to five (5) of the following set of ten (10) questions: What challenges will Mary face when starting her new role in Dubai considering the fact that she has never visited this country before? What country and business barriers will Mary be faced with when adapting and introducing her own management style in her new post? What impact will culture, mandated legal regulations, religion, politics, demographics, religion, language, and economic stability have on Mary?s IHRM strategic development plan and approach in a new country like Dubai? What programs can Mary introduce to attract, recruit, retain, and select qualified global talent in Dubai? What are the professional competencies necessary for a global leader like Mary seeking to work in a foreign country like Dubai and other regions? What training and development tools will be necessary to ensure the success and adaptation of this new assignment prior to leaving USA and while being assigned in Dubai? What performance management standards are required to ensure that this new assignment as a VP of HR meets both the IHRM and business expectations to transform and lead the organization vision into the future? Describe what type of global model you would recommend to create a cohesive culture where your foreign counterparts and employees feel valued, empowered and a sense of ownership in Dubai and other regions? What competency based programs and internal opportunities (promotions) can you introduce to ensure that women are promoted to key management positions within an organizational environment that has been dominated by men? Identify and describe what compensation and benefit package can be developed for an expatriate being assigned to a foreign post, such as Dubai?


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