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Mini-Paper 2 Assess a firm of your choice and t...




Mini-Paper 2 Assess a firm of your choice and the way it is organized internationally, in order to exploit global or regional advantages, yet remain responsive to local conditions. Identify the firm you have selected and summarize how it has been internationally organized over the past five years. Assess the structure and modus operandi of the firm in relationship to its objectives to exploit global (or regional) advantages, while remaining responsive to local conditions. Does the firm have the resources to compete internationally? Provide your strategic recommendations for the firm to become a market leader in the next five years. Mini-Paper Format Submitted in 12-point font, preferably Times New Roman, and double-spaced with 1-inch margins The report should incorporate correct form, spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and communication skills Each paper should be well-organized and well-written (should not be more than four (4) pages in length)


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