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Assignment#4-Southwestern University (G) Discussion questions 1. Which variation in demand for police service should be considered in an aggregate plan for resources? Which variations can be accomplished with the short ?term scheduling adjustment? 2. Evaluate the current staffing plan. What does it cost? Are 26 officers sufficient to handle the normal workload? 3. What would be the additional cost of the chief?s proposal? How would you suggest that he justify his request? 4. How much does it currently cost the college to provide police services for football game? What would be the pro and cons of completely subcontracting this work to outside law enforcement agencies? 5. Propose other alternative.,Dear totor I am a student at University I have no suffient job and I am paying for my school fee for my self that why I offered 15.$ it is not that I dont value your work I realy value your work and I need your help on my assignment Kindy see the attached assignment Assignment #4: Chapter 13 Aggreate Planning Case Study: Case Study Question: Assignment#4-Southwestern Unversity (G) Question PDF document (textbook p.p. 538-9)


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