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1. At the start of the social season, Aunt Lavina...




1. At the start of the social season, Aunt Lavina purchased a hula skirt in Sadie's dress shop. The salesperson told her, "this supeior garment will do things for a person." Aunt Lavina's houseguest, her niece, Florabelle, asked and obtained her aunt's permission to wear the skirt to a masquerade ball. In the midst of the festivity, where there was much dancing, drinking, and smoking, the long skirt brushed against a gilimmering cigarett butt. Unknown to Aunt Lavina and Florabelle, its wearer, the garment was made of a fine unwoven fiber that is highly flammable. It burst into flames, and Florabelle suffered severe burns. Aunt Lavinia notified Sadie of the accident and of Florabelle's intention to recover from Sadie. Can Florabelle recover damages from Sadie, the proprietor of the dress shop, and Exotic Clothes, Inc., the manufacturer from which Sadie purchased the skirt? Explain. Also, please state whether a remedy is available specifically under the code. Be certain to include the relevant code or restatement section. Also answer the following question: If Florabelle was unrelated to Lavinia and she stole the skirt, what would her rights be?


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