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Hello. Below you'll see the instructions and format for this organization audit assignment . Also attached is the PDF of topics that are required to be covered. The audit can be for any organization. The paper needs to be 13 pages not including table of contents and sources. Please let me know if you have any questions. PRE-WORKSHOP ASSIGNMENT- ORGANIZATION AUDIT Positive Organization Reporting and Analysis You begin by printing out the ?audit guidelines? either attached in the email of within the HSPortal. If you are logging onto the Portal , click on the link called ?Guidelines for Conducting an Audit? and print a copy of the document. This is used to help you evaluate the degree to which your organization is utilizing its resources in an effective and efficient manner to accomplish objectives. It provides an opportunity for critical analysis of techniques, procedures, practices and policies based upon value integration and leadership in all parts of the organization. Read through the ?Guidelines?. Go through the ?Guidelines? a second time and answer each question yes or no, thinking critically about the positive or negative impact that organization action, (or lack of action) is having on organization success. It is important to emphasize positive spirals (taking something positive and making it bigger and better). This would be an answer to the question ?how do we take a best practice in our organization and expand it?? Use the analysis and critical thinking as a basis for writing an organization audit report. This is a 13- page (minimum) typed, double spaced report that will be completed prior to the capstone. The required format for the audit report would be as follows: I. Table of Contents II. Introduction (organization, type of industry, opening statement). III. General Statement of Results (overall statement/impression of the audit results). IV. Analysis (each of the eight sections in the audit should be assessed in terms of positive or negative impact, especially positive consequences). V. Recommendations (what specific actions should be taken to enhance the level of organizational success) beyond the current state. Be specific. Discuss how to expand strengths. Focus on how to expand positive processes & phenomena that may exist in one part of the organization to the rest of the organization. VI. Value Facet Analysis (analyze your top recommendation using the eight facets relative to short term and long term effects and determine whether or not the effects make your top recommendation significant enough to operationalize).*The value facets - drivers are those found in Dr. Pohlman?s article or in the book Value Driven Management, not in the audit pamphlet. For both 5102 and 5104 students this article should be obtained on the HSPortal, under the heading of workshops you will see a link entitled Online Course Readings. Dr. Pohlman?s article is called ?Values Driven Management Paper?. The other papers and articles are additional resources and should be read prior to coming to the capstone. VII. Conclusion (summary).


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