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Can you complete this? It is a simple 1 page APA f...




Can you complete this? It is a simple 1 page APA format summary of an article of your choice? I will attach the course syllabus so you can better understand this. The purpose of this assignment is to test your ability to critically apply the concepts you are studying in the first three weeks of this course. 1 ?Article Summary-??Due at the end of Week Write a one page summary of a meaningful article which ? distills the author?s most important idea in your own words, and ? explains in your own words why the idea is relevant and important to you.,Thanks Rachel,Any updates on this assignment?,Is that APA format, and can you include all the citations and resources used for this paper? I need those for the grade,Also, I would like you to start on the second part of both these papers tomorrow, is there any way, I can get specifically you to do those? I will place the order, but want you as the writer, since you already understand the first part.,ok, I will do that soon, but please send me the article that you used for this paper, I must add it in for this weeks grade,Thank You,The QID sould be 7430098 let me know if it's not it


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