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1. (TCO 1) Cole works for a company that requested...




1. (TCO 1) Cole works for a company that requested all of its staff to purchase new toys and bring them into the office during the month of December for holiday distribution to families in need. Cole was excited about choosing some toys for this event, purchased several and brought them to work. After Cole dropped the toys off, he felt very happy and satisfied that he had helped others with his donation. Was this a marketing exchange? (Points: 8) No, because this request was tax-deductable Yes, because the toys were going to families in need No, because Cole bought the toys Yes, because Cole's donation of the toys was accompanied by his satisfaction and happiness No, because Cole spent money for toys but then gave them away. 2. (TCO 6) Which of the following would be the BEST the target market for tickets to the home games of the Indianapolis Colts professional football team? (Points: 8) All people in the Indianapolis area All people in the U.S All men in the U.S People in the Indianapolis area with an interest in professional football All people in the U.S. with an interest in professional football 3. (TCO 3) The owners of Old School Brand Authentic Antique Foods researched Civil War records to come up with recipes used in the old-fashioned cookies the company produces and markets. This statement deals with which part of the marketing mix? (Points: 8) Product Process Price Place Promotion 4. (TCO 5) The Lemon Tree is a high-fashion boutique selling top-of-the-line women's clothing and accessories. The keys to its success include knowing the customers' changing tastes and providing something different from other retailers. In addition, because of the high value of the merchandise, The Lemon Tree's management is exploring the use of computerized inventory controls and sales order processing. From this description, one can infer that the environmental category of least importance to The Lemon Tree is (Points: 8) Economic Regulatory Technological Social Competitive 5. (TCO 7) Recently a federal appeals court rendered a unanimous decision that Microsoft Corp. does not have an automatic right to put whatever features it wants into its Windows operating system; rather each new feature needs to be evaluated separately. Many of these features are also made by much smaller companies. This ruling grew out of the power that Microsoft holds in the software market because it owns a major share of the marketplace. What purpose did this ruling have? (Points: 8) Protecting companies from one another Protecting consumers from unfair trade practices Protecting the future interests of society from dangerous business practices Protecting consumers from one another Protecting businesses from unfair consumer practices 6. (TCO 6) Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) Co. is the world's largest cocoa-bean processor. It buys cocoa beans and converts the beans into cocoa powder and cocoa butter, which it sells to companies that manufacture consumer products that contain chocolate. The cocoa-bean processor is operating in a(n) __________ market. (Points: 8) Reseller Government Psychographic Product-intensive Industrial 7. (TCO 1) The Book Promoters Association of Canada members recently questioned what could be done to rejuvenate the Canadian book publishing industry. Some members claimed the problem was Canadian retailers had been replaced by Wal-Marts. Others said the problem was with stodgy promotions. Still others said the problem was caused by too little money being budgeted to fund marketing programs. It was time that Canadian book publishers used __________ to save the industry. (Points: 8) Advertising Sales promotion Publicity Marketing research Tactical support 8. (TCO 3) The Belsen interview is a means of pretesting media surveys. It gathers facts and figures by asking people about their attitudes, beliefs and awareness of various media. With this technique, the respondent is interviewed twice?first by an interviewer using the proposed survey and then by a different interviewer, who asks questions about the survey itself. The Belsen interview uses __________ data. (Points: 8) Observational Secondary Intercept Questionnaire Synergistic 9. (TCO 4) Sara Burns is the owner of a company called Spice and was looking for a new-product to go with her company's line of food condiments when a customer suggested combining spices with tea. This is an example of (Points: 8) Accidental invention Idea generation Bootlegging ideas Serendipitous management Serendipitous innovation 10. (TCO 4) In the 1960s, television westerns were extremely popular. The shows were adventure shows with settings and costumes that were very unlike what really existed. There was Bonanza, Wagon Train, The Virginian, Laramie, etc. When viewers gradually stopped watching this category of programs, production companies found the networks no longer wanted to televise such shows. The television western as a product category entered the __________ stage. (Points: 8) Decay Diversification Decline Maturity Harvesting 11. (TCO 8) When the Avon representative sells cosmetics door-to-door, it is an example of which type of marketing channel? (Points: 8) Direct channel Indirect channel Strategic channel alliances Marketing channel Dual distributive channel 12. (TCO 2) To promote its theme parks to groups, Disney is using advertising, direct marketing, Internet promotion and partnerships with other companies. In other words, Disney is using (Points: 8) Implemented market codes (IMC) Interactive media convergence (IMC) An infrastructure of market customization (IMC) Integrated marketing communications (IMC) Integrated media convergence (IMC) 13. (TCO 2) The local radio station broadcast a story about the dry-cleaners that requested coat donations. They would clean the coats and deliver them to people in need. The various addresses of the dry-cleaner chain were also broadcast so that donations could be dropped off. Since this featured business did not pay for this exposure, it is benefiting from (Points: 8) Publicity Advertising Direct marketing Personal selling A public service announcement 14. (TCO 8) Assume McDonald's is engaging in a market penetration strategy. Which of the following actions best illustrates a market penetration strategy? (Points: 8) Opening the first McDonald's in China Developing a line of McDonald's toys to be sold through Toys R Us stores Adding a line of new deli sandwiches to the menu of existing McDonald's stores Running a promotion based on the Monopoly game, whereby customers have a chance to win prizes with each purchase Removing slow-moving products from its menus 15. (TCO 5) In a survey conducted immediately after the World Trade Center attack, 47 percent of the women who responded to the survey said they would not treat themselves to small luxuries like manicures and 54 percent said they would not buy any expensive clothes. The results of this survey most directly relate to __________ forces within the environmental scan. (Points: 8) Economic Regulatory Cost Competitive Legal


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