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This is for my basic marketing class. I have been...




This is for my basic marketing class. I have been asked to create my own webpage with these instructions and answering the following three questions, with a minimum of 600 words- For the heading titled, My Own Web Page, think about a business you would like to start, and how you would advertise it on your own web page (you can use ideas you obtained from reviewing the following web sites). As you do so, please provide the following information under this heading: The company website I chose is a computer sales and repair company. Define your product market in terms of product type, target market, needs being met, etc. (15 Points) Define your target market in terms of the segmenting dimensions in chapter three. Note: do not do much research on this issue right now. Report # 2 will provide you with ample opportunity to discuss in depth, your research with respect to various segmenting dimensions. (20 Points) Finally, briefly describe how you would promote your product/service to your target market via the internet. (15 Points)


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