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1) Explain the concept of knowledge management an...




1) Explain the concept of knowledge management and its importance within Human Resources. qestion 1, 75 words min in APA format 2) Define action learning, and describe how it can aid in team building. 3) Discuss why it is important to evaluate training. Which evaluation is more important, summative or formative? Explain why you chose that evaluation type, using specific examples to support your answer. questions 2 and 3, 200 words each, APA format 4) Thinking in terms of an HR professional, define ROI, and explain why it is so important to a company in regards to training. 5) Organizations are using more internet/computer-based training than ever before. However, there is still a lot to be said for traditional training methods. Discuss the pros and cons of traditional training methods and multi-media training. Give specific examples as to when traditional methods are more effective than multi-media training. Questions 4 and 5, 500 words each, APA format


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