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Discussion questions are based on the Week 1 rea...




Discussion questions are based on the Week 1 readings. 1. Understand what is an operational definition. Then, write one operational definition for one variable of your choice, (a, b, or c): (Cooper & Schindler, pp. 57-58) a. Freshman (college undergrad) b. Dud shell (Army) c. Happiness 2. Understand what is a research question. Create a research question (RQ) from the following business problem: ?Why are our TV sales decreasing?? (Cooper & Schindler, p. 62) RQ: 3. Understand dependent an independent variables. Given the research question below, what is the dependent (DV) and independent (IV) variables? (Cooper & Schindler, p. 63) RQ: Is there a difference in favorite perfume purchased by women under 35 years age purchase than women 35 years and older? a. DV: b. IV: 4. Understand null and alternative hypothesis. Given the research question, write out the null (Ho) and alternative hypothesis (H1): (Cooper & Schindler, pp. 456-457) RQ: Is there a correlation in body weight weight and cholesterol levels? a. Ho: b. H1:


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