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Based on chapter 7readings on Culture and Gender D...




Based on chapter 7readings on Culture and Gender Differences and the below link, in an Individual Effort, please conduct a minimum of three pages, double space analysis. Maximum Points: 75 Requirements for written paper: 1. Written paper must be articulated in a clear and concise manner. 2. Microsoft word document; a minimum of three pages double space paper. 3. Fonts: Times New Romans, 12pt. 4. Provide a cover page including name, topic, and date. 5. Include a reference page, minimum of 3 sources including the textbook. 6. Do not Copy and Paste information. 7. Paraphrase, using your own ideas and thoughts. 8. Paragraphs should be a minimum of 6-7 sentences. 9. This paper must be conducted in a scholarly manner, utilizing in-text citations to support the assertions.


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