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The Capstone Management Project will engage you in...




The Capstone Management Project will engage you in the conduct of a management project in an area of special relevance to your current or prospective area of business focus. The subject is designed to integrate the knowledge and applied skills that you have learned of project deliverables. Your task is to prepare a management consulting proposal first, either as a solution to a problem internal to your workplace, or as an external consulting project responding to a real-world situation or advanced case study. Whichever is chosen ? an individual project or a group project, you should be able to integrate theories learned in your studies to real business problems and apply conceptual frameworks and global best practices to management challenges. To formulate practical solutions for companies, you must complete a comprehensive analysis of an organisation, using knowledge and skills learned in the core disciplines of accounting, finance, marketing, management, economics and data analysis. This subject also draws on your experience in using electronic resources of the Internet effectively as a major business resource. You are encouraged to choose a project that relates to your real-world responsibilities or those of a member of your group. The subject requires you to learn about management research as a part of applying solutions to real world problems. Hence you will spend some time learning about the advantages and disadvantages of various management research techniques. It is an iterative process. You will usually start with a very broad scope and gradually narrow it down to a scope that can be executed in about 8-10 weeks of calender time. To begin with, go by your instinct and identify a management area that you are quite passionate and have reasonable knowledgable about. For example, Retail Management. Then, list out a few business problems that you think are yet to be resolved. e.g. m-commerce, FDI, Managing Theft and security. Select one of the listed problems and build your own opinion for each of the problems. e.g. Security of mobile payments is a hindrance factor for adoption of sales through mobile. Validate your opinions with the help of evidence from literature. You may select more than one problems if they are well inter-related and the combined scope is feasible to do in the stipulated period. Chances are that you have already narrowed down the topic for your project. ? Management Consulting Proposal This is a proposal of the project that you will submit to your professor. The length of this report is between 1,000 and 2,000 words. ? Management Consulting Report This report consists of descriptions of your work in the various phases that you would have carried out in the project.. The length of this report is between 5,000 and 6,000 words. The process of the project consists of the following phases: 1. Problem Definition a. Consultation with professional expert (key client or group) b. Purpose of management consulting project 2. Data Collection a. Data sources and methodology b. Data gathering 3. Analysis a. Preliminary diagnosis b. Feedback to professional expert (key client or group) c. Joint diagnosis of problem 4. Recommendation and feedback a. Timelines b. Personnel


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