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I need a professional (PROFESSIONAL graphs etc) Fi...




I need a professional (PROFESSIONAL graphs etc) Financial Analysis on GE Oil&Gas to Identify internal strengths and weaknesses. I don't need to mechanically go through through all the various financial calculations and dump them. That?s not analysis. I need to determine what the metrics might tell me about GE oil and Gas and how this should be applied in choosing and/or executing a particular strategy. GE oil and gas is not an oil company. It provides services primarily across the Oil & Gas Field Exploration and Production industry value chain, but also to other related Oil & Gas industries. Competitors include Baker Hughes, National Oilwell Varco, Schlumberger, Halliburton, Cameron International, Exterran Holdings, Transocean. So against these or top competitors does GE have good or bad cash flow, liquidity, and debt position? How does this compare with their competitors? What capital & cash flow would be required for my strategy. The plan strategy should logically follow from the internal and external analyses. For example, if I chose Apple software startup, I would not choose a strategy of trying to unseat MS Windows as the dominant desktop operating system. It does not matter how good the current ratio or your debt/equity ratio is; I just would have the captial or can?t raise the bucks to take on the very cash-rich Microsoft. So I would probably choose some market niche in which I do have an advantage, and which you thought Microsoft wouldn?t care enough about to pursue. However being GE and this large or google against pear it might be a different story Sp what I need is GE oil and Gas core competencies, strengths, weaknesses based on a financial analysis. So if GE has higher costs (and lower margins) than its competitors, I don?t know that picking a cost leadership strategy makes the most sense. Or has GE been an innovation leader? Etc. I need charts and graphs and not just copied form the web. If its done this way that I won't pay


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