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I need help with a Marketing Research Project. Please ignore the part about working with a partner. I don't need the powerpoint. Just the main proposal/project report. Instructions The main objective is to demonstrate a complete understanding of developing and producing a research project based satisfying the above objectives on a relevant and current issue or business opportunity. The research report and presentation should employ the fundamentals in chapter 3 and later chapter 16 of your textbook. The assignment demands creative free thinking- and not only regurgitation of textbook contents while supporting your opinion and theories. The report should be written in complete sentence form with annotations. The PowerPoint presentation should contain your talking points (bullet form) complete with graphs, illustrations, diagrams and excel data tables. Multi media files can be embedded or link-able in your presentation. You must use references, and show exactly where and how your sources contributed to your final answers. Late assignments will be deducted .05% per day until the exam date. ASSIGNMENT Marketing research often follows a general pattern of stages: Defining the research objectives Planning a research design Planning a sample Collecting the data Analyzing the data Formulating the conclusions and preparing a report and presentation. Exhibit 3.4 and 3.5 in your textbook identifies the steps and requirements for successful completion of this project. This major activity counts for 25% of your mark, You are to work with a partner (study buddy) and prepare a marketing Research Project based on one of the following topics: Topic 1 New Business Opportunity With your partner identify a product or service that you may want to market and think of ways on how you would promote it. Conduct a comparative study on whether new media advertising (Social Networking, ,Blogs, internet driven versus more than traditional media advertising (TV, Radio, Print etc.) will achieve your success metrics (goals). Topic 2 Experts Rate the Campaigns Consumers over age 50 have 2.5 times the discretionary spending power of the coveted 18-to-34 age group. Yet ads aimed at boomers still seem to miss the mark. BusinessWeek. With your partner identify 2 ad campaigns which effectively target this group and identify 2 which support the claim.


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