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BUSINESS POLICY DUE DATE: NOV 30, 2012 AT 11:00 PM Please do not take too long to confirm, some professors take too long and this is not fair. I will really appreciate your prompt confirmation! Please READ instructions very careful. Unfortunately a few of Course Hero professors do not read it carefully, then ask what is already explained. Note: I just attached 1 scan here, the remaining 2 attachments, will be attach it in a bit later one by one, because I cannot attach more than one on this posting. Attached are the following: Attachment 1: Assignment Part 2 with instructions Attachment 2: The Assignment I did: Part 1: Sears Holdings Corporation (Need to read it) Attachment 3: Part 6 of text book (Need to read it) Please use short "in text citations" to support your own words/answer. As I did in my Part 1 assignment. Enclosed with " ". This way I can know where the "in text citations" START and where it END. Also, please include page # (pg.) or paragraph # (para.) if applicable. Example of "in text citation" "The evidence is a basic as the terra preta do indio, or India Black Earth" (Glick, 2007, para. 4) Then, include a Reference page, following APA format, all info need to be included, page #, paragraph #, volume #, etc. if applicable. Example of Reference: Glick, D. (2007, February 10). Bio-char sequestration in terrestrialecosystems?A review [Electronic mailing list message]. retrieved from Plagiarism is NOT accepted, please check for plagiarism for free in, or any plagiarism checker you might have.


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