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Ok here are 3 questions... Review the annual re...




Ok here are 3 questions... Review the annual reports of one or two popular companies. Suggestions include McDonalds, Target, Walmart, and Kraft Foods. Preview your favorite company. Annual reports are commonly found under the Investor Relations section or the area labeled ?Corporate Governance.? Questions.... 1. From the annual reports you previewed, what is the company?s corporate strategy? What are their company goals and were they successful in achieving those goals? Please list the company of the annual report you previewed 2. Would you invest in the company you reviewed based on the information contained in the annual report? Why or why not? Please list examples to support your answer. 3. What recommendations would you make to senior management for the upcoming year? Note that stating you have no advice or that management should keep doing what they have been doing, is NOT acceptable.


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