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ALERT: The multiple-choice questions are applicati...




ALERT: The multiple-choice questions are application-oriented (as opposed to mere rote memorization) questions. Application-oriented questions require you to fully understand the material in sufficient depth and detail to apply the concepts, not merely to "parrot back" the meanings of the concepts. Most of the questions will be constructed in a fact pattern (fact scenario) format; you will be asked a question about the fact pattern that will require you to apply your knowledge of the relevant concept(s). There will be only 1 correct answer to each question - it is NOT a "best answer" test; consequently, all answers except the correct answer will be either entirely incorrect or will be partially correct + partially incorrect. The essay questions will be short scenario-type questions requiring you to identify issues and respond to a specific questions about the scenario/fact pattern. Please follow the instructions precisely. The exam is application-oriented requiring you to recognize the issues/concepts relevant to each question, then apply law/concepts to answer the questions. This is not a rote memory exam and verbatim answers cannot be found in the textbook. Sample Essay exam question #1: FACTS: Manufacturer agrees to sell all of its production of DVD players to Retailer for 1 year. Retailer agrees to buy all the DVD players Manufacturer produces for 1 year. Later, Retailer refuses to buy the DVD players, claiming that there was not a valid enforceable contract because the agreement lacked consideration and did not specify quantity or price in the agreement. Manufacturer sues Retailer for breach of contract. List which party wins: Manufacturer or Retailer. Discuss/explain in 1 comprehensive paragraph why. (5 points) Sample Essay exam question #1 sample answer: Manufacturer The court will decide in favor of Manufacturer. Manufacturer and Retailer entered into a valid enforceable output contract in which Manufacturer promised to sell all its output of DVD players to Retailer, and to no other buyer, for one year. In exchange, Retailer agreed to purchase Manufacturer?s output of DVD players for one year, and thus, is obligated to purchase the DVD players. Under the UCC rules, Manufacturer?s and Retailer?s promises created a valid enforceable output contract, that is supported by adequate consideration, even though quantity and price were not specified in the agreement. Retailer is in breach of contract. THE EXAM MUST BE SUBMITTED IN THE EXAM FOLDER NO LATER THAN MARCH 11, 2012.. DO NOT REPEAT THE QUESTIONS WHEN YOU ANSWER IT. IT IS ADVISABLE THAT YOU DRAFT YOUR ANSWERS PRIOR TO ENTERING IT ON YOUR ANSWER SHEET. GOOD LUCK,It can be brief, a paragraph or two. But March 11 is the deadline.,If the answer is no, please let me know that. I am starting to really sweat this one and would rather know that I have to figure it out on my own than just wait.,Seriously, please just let me know. I am kind of freaking out on this one. Do I need to increase the deposit? What's up?


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