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""Need to submit the research paper on the followi...




""Need to submit the research paper on the following topic: I can submit a 15-20 page research paper with a minimum of 15-20 sources. I have given the assignment more time as the latest that I can turn it is in 26 July 11. Thank you. What is the importance of communicating a new strategic vision and purpose to every member of the organization in a small instructor training company after changing leadership. The following instructions come with the paper. Quality control your project to ensure the minimum criteria discussed in the syllabus for the project report have been met. These minimum criteria are 25-30 pages content (which includes all chapters of the report: problem identification, research methodology, literature review, results, recommendations, and conclusions) and at least 15 to 20 references and citations. Be certain you are only using APA form and style and remember change the verbs to reflect "past tense" because the project is completed and you are now reporting the findings. Check that you are not using the first person (I, me) in the report "


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