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Need to submit the research paper on the following topic: What is the importance of communicating a new strategic vision and purpose to every member of the organization in a small instructor training company after changing leadership. The following instructions come with the paper. Quality control your project to ensure the minimum criteria discussed in the syllabus for the project report have been met. These minimum criteria are 25-30 pages content (which includes all chapters of the report: problem identification, research methodology, literature review, results, recommendations, and conclusions) and at least 15 to 20 references and citations. Be certain you are only using APA form and style and remember change the verbs to reflect "past tense" because the project is completed and you are now reporting the findings. Check that you are not using the first person (I, me) in the report This is the flow that I had for the paper as it was originally geared toward the military. This researcher makes an attempt to discover and close the gap that exist from Commander to Commander by establishing a dialogue among past, present and future commanders. In addition, highlighting issues that need extra attention by the Army leadership and the benefits of communicating the strategic vision. Also, once the publication has been promoted and published the research has aspirations to make the publication an official part of Army doctrine. This research will be published once complete on various military print and digital publications to include: Military Review, Armor Magazine,,, The Army currently has multiple schools that will benefit from this research: Basic Officer Leadership Course, Captain?s Career Course, and Officer Candidate School. Hypothesis: Company Commanders typically are in command from 12-18 months. The Command is broken up into three month increments: The first 90 days are the grace period, the next 90 days are when systems are established and the remaining 6 ? 12 mos are the actual command time. The problems that exist with being a commander result from having subordinates that are operating under the system of the previous commander. The vision of the new commander must be communicated immediately upon taken command because it has been shown that it typically takes 6 mos to have the members of the company unlearn the previous system and begin to work in the system of the new commander. The commander must also understand his/her worth and be able to communicate effectively to his subordinates. Once the subordinates understand the purpose behind the vision then there will be less resistance to management and training. In Headquarter and Headquarters Company the members of the team the Small Group Advisors were used to being micromanaged by the previous commander and did not understand how to operate once the current commander decentralized the decision making process and made them more valuable. As a result the trainees complained to the current commander regarding the inability of the SGAs to make simple decisions. The psychology of the decision making and the training were also being hindered by members under the old regime that were comfortable doing things the way that they had always been done. It was not until those members had moved on that the systems could be effectively communicated and implemented. The importance of communicating the strategic vision and purpose to every member of the organization is the fact that it provides buy-in to the overall strategy that increases synergy throughout the organization and among team members. Synergy leads to reciprocating systems and the establishment of standard operating procedures and system refinement known by all members of the organization. The Small Group Advisor does not understand his worth and is ineffective without knowing where he/she fits in the overall strategy. The Small Group Instructor. The Small Group Instructor is the most important person in the organization. He/she is responsible for ensuring that all training is completely understood by the trainees prior to their deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan in support of overseas contingency operations. In order for this to happen the SGA must understand his/her role and have it effectively communicated to him. The training that the SGA receives traditionally is on the job training however in the Headquarters and Headquarters Company, the training was standardized using the crawl, walk, run method with the following issues being the cornerstones of training: ? SGA Readiness (Crawl) ? SGA Standard operating procedure (Walk) ? SGA Murder board (Walk) ? SGA leads a class with minimum assistance from the lead SGA (Run) The SGA readiness in the crawl phase ensures that the SGA has the basic skills in order to set the proper example for the trainees and to prevent distractions from training. The SGA must show up initially arriving to the unit that he/she has had the proper vaccinations, dental screenings, physical fitness test, and weapons training that it takes to be a basic Soldier in the Army. Additionally he must conduct an interview with the resident psychologist to determine whether or not he/she is fit for office duty or field duty. If it is deemed that he is fit for duty he will be assigned as a part of a team and then that team will determine where the SGA will be placed with regard to the make up of the teams. If it is deemed that the individual is not ready for . that it takes to be maintained in the US Army. Such as, up to date records to include: shots, dental, medical, and weapons qualifications. SGA Standard operating procedures SGA Murder board SGA class lead Company Systems Company systems must be understood by every person in the organization to maintain reciprocal systems and therefore enabling the company to always be prepared for contingencies. The company is divided into three major entities: Headquarters Headquarters Company Headquarters Headquarters SGA Platoon Job training Staff training Company HQ training SGA training Subordinates must be trained for their jobs in order to be effective at the job. Conclusion Recommendations


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