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"Segment your Industry/Market selected on Assignment 1, focus on a product or service (discrete or line) and develop/describe your "Product" related strategy elements for each segment. Keep in mind that your selected product/service can be a real (existing offering in the market), or a new planned venture (your idea about a new/needed product or service). More than one segment should be identified and addressed, each with a customized "Product" strategy elements. Remember that you need to use the strategy elements suitable for either the Introduction or Growth PLC stages of your product/service. Your research and citations should support your suggested Segmentation and "Product" Strategies. Summary tables will do great here! 7430098 is the QID from the first paper you completed, I will also attach? the paper , so there is no confusion on the what needs to be done. A SIMPLE 2 TO 3 PAGE WOULD SUFICE, APA FORMAT PLEASE,I need at least 3 pages of researche, please redo anothe page worth of work,This paper has nothing to do with the first paper you wrote. As I mentioned initially that this is a continuation from the first part which QID number is 7430098. I honestly can?t use this for my research, you must follow the rules as displayed. This needs to be turned in today, if not I will fail the class. Compare the papers and tell me for yourself if I am mistaken.,Thank you, my dead line is 12pm, I might be confused, but if you can show me that both paper coincided, I will be happy with the work,Ok, I will use this paper, but if I fail the class, I would ask for a refund. I am going to take your word on this please don't fail me


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