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Case Study 11.6 (Manufacturing Information in China) and Case Study 11.7 (Service Innovation in India) 1.In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case 2.Describe the relationship between entrepreneurial activity and an "innovation environment." How has China's economic policy encouraged both with regard to manufacturing? How has India's economic policy encouraged both with regard to service? 3. Assume that you are an executive for a foreign multinational firm considering a substantial manufacturing investment in China. What are some of the key factors that would influence this decision? How would this investment benefit product, service, or process innovation at your organization? How would these factors change if you were considering a service investment in India? Website for Study case 11.6/11.7 4. Consider the knowledge management elements within your own organization or one that you are familiar with. How successful is the organization at: 1. Generating and acquiring new knowledge, 2. Identifying and codifying existing knowledge, 3. Storing and retrieving knowledge, 4. Sharing and distributing knowledge, and 5. Exploiting knowledge? How does this success (or lack thereof) contribute to innovation within the company?


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