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Question small company recognizes an employuee of the month , who is given a parking spot next to the president's space near the front door. what theories would explain the positive motivation associated with this policy? 2.Describe the elements of the communication process. guve an example of each part of the model as it exists in the classroom during communication between teacher and students.3.Imagine yourself as a potential member of a team responsible for designing a new package for a breakfast cereal. do you think interpersonal skills would be equally important if the team organized face to face versus a virtual team? why or why not? might different types of interpersonal skills required for the two types of teams? Be specific.4.Describe the advantages of using a balanced scored to measure and control organizational performance. suppose you created a balanced scored for mcdonald's. what specific customer-service measures would you include?,they are four questions i want about 100 to 120 words for each question,thanks im so looking forward to it....


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