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I need 6 pages for a marketing project for a new p...




I need 6 pages for a marketing project for a new product we are bringing into market. I need: (1) Branding/Product Management, (2) Channel Design, (3) IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication) and (4) People, Processes, and Physical Evidence (for Services). We are producing a better device than the simple blood pressure monitors currently on the market. We are going to sell a bracelet monitor that monitors heart rate and hypertension. You pay $150 for the bracelet and $400 a year for a subscription service because our monitor sends a signal to your doctor's office if it's too high. We want to save lives. We want it as a preventive device and for baby boomers. We are selling our product through direct sales, and also selling our product to healthcare providers and insurance companies. Please help. I am having so much trouble with this I need your help. I need it done quickly. Please advise what I need to do. Thank you so much.


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