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2. Toyota SWOT Analysis Strengths ? Better bran...




2. Toyota SWOT Analysis Strengths ? Better brand image, customer loyalty, quality, durability & reliability ? Pioneers of quality improvements & techniques ? Huge research & development base ? Strong distribution & marketing team focusing on meeting customer demands and quality services. ? Initiator of 1st bulk produced hybrid gasoline electric automobile. Weaknesses ? Numerous recalls of vehicles by the company in recent years, hitting hard on customer sentiments & company?s quality standards ? Less global presence as compared to its competitors GM, Ford, etc. focus only on Japan & US. ? Financial service segment of the company is going in all red in the recent years, i.e. showing poor results. ? Mounting expenses related to post retirement benefits offered to the employees of the company ? Increase in financial losses & decrease in worldwide sales due recall issues. Opportunities ? Production of fuel efficient & lighter vehicles. Surge in demand of hybrid vehicles. ? Reduction in taxes by Chinese government can be a major opportunity for Toyota to subside its lower sales ? Innovation by in terms of fuel efficient cars catering to the youth & emergence of newer models. ? Growing opportunities in developing countries or Asian region Threats ? Economic slowdown almost everywhere ? Increasing competition to get every small share of the automobile market. Saturation, forceful marketing campaigns, pricing battles etc. ? Currency fluctuations especially appreciation of Japanese Yen against the Dollar ? Increasing fuel cost, maintenance requirements and changing customer preferences & likings. ? Proving incentives to keep customers & maintain business behavior. Can you help me with a paragraph on each of toyota swot analysis ares,could you give me the resources as well


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