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Write a description of your proposed management st...




Write a description of your proposed management structure. Include a plan to acquire needed management resources; describe any outsourced functions and why you think it is a good idea to outsource them. If your company will have more than ten employees, include an organization chart. This is my real business ((( ))) use this when creating a proposed management structure. Attached also are preivious papers I wrote for this class if they help add any insite to the project. Please do not use snippets or copy papers from previous students as I will give you a poor review all I ask for is good work. The Second assignement is this : A draft of your business plan to date must be completed by the end of Week 4. It should include the following. a company description an industry analysis a market analysis (for your target market) a marketing and sales plan Again please keep both papers original and not take pieces from other students previous work.


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