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Okay, I will pay you $40. But I need a great work for this HW. Thanks,Hello Dear Could you Please read the case then answer the following 2 Qs. Here is the link of the case that you can read: Avon.Com 1. Define all of the major potential segments for Avon and specify the approximate number of customers/prospects in each of the segments defined. Combine customers and prospects together. (Hint, keep this at a high level. Do not get into specific product preferences, age, gender, etc.) The key to this exercise is to look at how people shop while also taking into account the Avon sales people selling direct. This will be the high level. So the channels will be the high level as this is a priority need. Within these segments we would then create sub-segments based upon type of product and use. But do not get to this level of detail) 2. Identify the ?Pros? & ?Cons? of targeting each segment defined in the answer to question #1. Thanks,


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