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Joel, a former employee of NetworkBank, an online...




Joel, a former employee of NetworkBank, an online bank, decided to exact some revenge. Though his official access to the bank's records was removed, he was able to hack into the bank's database of customer information, obtaining passwords associated with customer debit cards. Using debit card numbers and passwords, he purchased merchandise online from various venders, including online auction sites, such as eBay. Among the bank customers whose accounts he raided was Elle, a consumer, and Pet Products, Inc., a business that sells pet products online. Joel took $85 from Elle's checking account the first time, which she didn't notice until a week later, at which point she notified NetworkBank. Joel took $350 from Elle's account a few weeks later, which she noticed the next day and immediately reported to the bank. Joel accessed Pet Products, Inc., just once, for $3,450, which the company noticed the next day and reported to NetworkBank. Joel also wanted revenge against a former NetworkBank employee, Gwen, who he believed to be responsible for his firing. She left the bank and was working elsewhere. Using Internet search engines, he found postings that Gwen had made to chat rooms on various Internet sites. Using this information, Joel contacted, an Internet based information and investigation service. He paid the fee required for an investigation on Gwen, and obtained her home and work addresses and telephone numbers. did not inquire why Joel wanted the information about Gwen. Joel followed Gwen as she exited her workplace one night and attacked her, injuring her severely. Joel is now under arrest. What remedies do Elle and Pet Products, Inc. have against NetworkBank for the unauthorized fund transfers? What law applies? What is the extent of liability for the consumers in this scenario? May Gwen hold liable for her injuries? Why or why not? What preventative actions should the businesses mentioned in this scenario have undertaken to prevent what occurred here?


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