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Hypothetical Case Study Bar Penn is a rebar manuf...




Hypothetical Case Study Bar Penn is a rebar manufacturing plant, which recently relocated 10 miles away from it old location in Hebron, Kentucky. It is a twenty-five year veteran in the rebar industry. Three investors who live in New York City own it and since its inception, it has been managed by an ex-military who everyone calls, Commander. Commander is known for being very strict when it comes to the rules, the production quality and the standards but he can also be kind and knows all 150 employees by their first names. Since the economic downturn and reduction in home construction, Bar Penn has faced it fair share of challenges. To date, they have managed not to lay off any employees but they have had to reduce work hours to 35 hours per weeks, froze hiring and promotions, offered no pay raises in over two years. Additionally, there has been significant reduction in spending, and reduction Christmas bonuses while increasing the cost of health insurance premium for employees. Employees? attitude has changed and production quality is negatively impacted and there are higher incidents of job injury. The overall perception is that the company is taking advantage of the situation and treating employees unfairly. Commander has asked an Organizational Behavioral Expert (you) to come in to help him solve the problems and get the company back on track because the housing industry is anticipated to grow in 2013. He is considering redesigning the jobs so that the organization can be more efficient and productive as well as cross-train all employees to maximize each person?s skills. He is also considering reexamining the performance evaluation program and train employees on essential skills such as basic computer, lean manufacturing and safety standards. He thinks there are other things that can be done but need the expert to help him. Based on the situation at Bar Penn identify the challenges, conduct an in depth analysis and a provide recommendations and set of action plans to the Commander to help the company and it employees to get back on track.


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