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1. Which of the following is a powerful force fo...




1. Which of the following is a powerful force for providing information to office- holders regarding the likely consequences of policy alternative for their con- stituents and the public more broadly? a) United Auto Workers b) Newspapers from advocates of some position c) Lobbying d) None is correct 2) Which one of the following makes up the Administrative and regulatory agen- cies arena in which nonmarket issues for the automobile industry are ad- dressed? a) Congress b) Environmental Protection Agency c) European Union d) All of the above 3) Which auto company was targeted by the environmental groups seeking to mobilize the public to support greater fuel economy? a) General Motors b) DaimlerChrysler c) Toyota d) Honda 4) Which of the following is not a source of nonmarket issues? a) Moral concerns b) Institutional change c) Interest group activity d) Crash of the stock market 5) What is the following new theory called: ?under which firms could be held liable if their stock prices fell significantly when the firms? projections of future earnings had been favorable? a) Fraud on the market b) Fraud on the nonmarket c) The common factor d) Collective deception 6) a) b) c) d) 7) a) b) c) d) 8) a) b) c) d) 9) a) b) c) d) The example of the Hallmark Graduation Cards is a case of: Looking to the past for inspiration. A failed attempt at promoting the alcoholic beverage industry. Failing to take in the perspectives of interest groups, such as MADD. None of the above There are a number of ways to anticipate change in the nonmarket environ- ment. Which of the following is NOT one of those ways? Limit the extent of the damage once the firm is challenged by an issue Be proactive Be anticipatory Look inward The collection of diverse interests, viewpoints, and preferences of the indi- viduals in society is known as what? Public individualiality Common sense Public sentiment Public wants and demands BP managed its environment in many ways. One way that it solidified its posi- tioning relative to the natural environment was to what? Move away from oil production and distribution of gasoline Changed its symbol and slogan Joined the Green Party Appoint only environmentalists to its Board of Directors 10) Law-making and rule-making take place in what type of space? a) Social b) Legal c) Political d) Commercial 11) What space has Microsoft largely ignored, relying instead on its aggressive approach to markets? a) Legal b) Public sentiment c) Political d) Nonmarket 12) Positioning can also have its perils. Which of the following companies has been lobbied heavily to increase its commitment to its own causes? a) Xerox b) GM c) Microsoft d) Starbucks 13) Firms deploy nonmarket capabilities to do what? a) Add value b) Beat the competition c) Create new markets d) Try new strategies 14) Which of the following are parts of the framework for the analysis of nonmar- ket issues? a) Screening b) Analysis c) Choice d) All of the above 15) In terms of strategy and nonmarket issue life cycle, Nike found itself reacting to what rather than shaping the development of the issue? a) The government only b) Their own culture c) Others? actions d) None are correct 16) Which is NOT listed in your text as a role the media plays in nonmarket issues? a) Identification of nonmarket issues b) Placing issues on the agendas of firms c) Make an issue widely known, therefore reducing the cost of collective action d) All are media roles 17) Media coverage can do all EXCEPT which of the following? a) Alert the public to nonmarket issues b) Raise concerns about the policies and practices of firms c) Increase the costs of nonmarket actions by interests d) Provide information 18) The National Resources Defense Council campaign on Alar used which of the following media strategies? a) The use of political entrepreneurship b) Repetitious use of its message about Alar c) The hiring of a communications firm to work with the media d) All of the above were used 19) Because of the importance of the news media, firms and their managers must _______which issues will attract media coverage and how the media will treat them. a) Create b) Control c) Anticipate d) Announce 20) Treatment of information takes several forms. Which of the following is not included? a) A straightforward presentation of facts and description of events b) Advocacy of a course of action c) An interpretation of the facts and events d) A biased assessment of the information


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