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Industry competition case: Cola Wars Continue: Coke vs. Pepsi in the Twenty-First Century. Paper, 12-15 pages. Format is standard APA, double spaced 12pt. Please include a reference page In this case study, complete the following 4 items: 1.Use the 11 step strategic model described in the text to compare both Coke and Pepsi. Incorporate the strategic issues presented in the case in the 11 steps as appropriate. 2.Analyze the case from the theoretical framework of at least two of the articles discussed in the course. Specify the articles analyzed in the paper. ** the articles are attached and labeled 1, 2, 3. You decide which two you would like to discuss. 3 .Discuss the implications of the case issues for middle managers. 4.Address at least 2 of the following questions in the case study. 1. Despite less valuable brands, PepsiCo has done very well in comparison to Coca-Cola. What strategies of Pepsi and of Coke contributed to this situation? 2. Coca-Cola has encountered union troubles in Colombia. Comment on the Frontline program available at: Coca-Cola?s union troubles in Columbia covered by Frontline 3. Coca-Cola?s problem with its bottlers: Coca-Cola trying to renegotiate its syrup contract with bottlers - is this an issue? Coca-Cola trying to renegotiate its syrup contract with bottlers (WSJ 13-Mar-2006) 4. Can Coca-Cola recover? Can Coca-Cola recover? (FT 19-Apr-2006) Visit the following websites for background information on the Cola Wars: PepsiCo annual report Coca-Cola Annual Report The Cola Wars Please be sure to use the links mentioned. I copied and pasted each of the links into Google and they popped right up.


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