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. Slide 4 plus speaker notes =Generate Normal Dist...




. Slide 4 plus speaker notes =Generate Normal Distribution of the data using Microsoft excel) Slide 5 plus speaker notes= How the normal distribution might be used to better understand and improve the inventory systemSlide 6 plus speaker notes=compare the node, median and the mean of the data Slide 7Which measure of central tendency most accurately depicts the inventory data,I have attached the z-test as well,Thank you Rachel for all of your help, Will I have this by 2PM EST today? Please let me know.,Rachel, this is nice but I don't have what I am looking for; no speaker notes , and I do not see the normal distribution. For each slide there has to be speaker notes, please see the assignment above. Please provide the speaker notes.,Rachel,Do you have an idea of when you have the assignment completed? Please let me know as I am anxious the assignment is late getting to my colleagues. Thanks,Rachel, where are we on the assignment, I really have to turn in something here within the hour, please give me what you have, so that I can approve and move on.,Rachel,I am unable to use the information that you have presented me with. Sorry to have bothered you.


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