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Organizational Development Final Project: Part I?Due Week Two Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper for Part I of the final project. Which of the following diagnostic models would you use to explain how ABC?s organization functions? ? Analytical Model ? Emergent-Group Behavior Model ? Management Practitioner Model ? Sociotechnical Systems Model ? Cause Maps and Social Network Analysis Model ? Force-Field Analysis Model Choose the model that would illustrate a better understanding of the culture and behavior in the organization and describe how you, as the vice president of operations, would use the model. Once you have analyzed ABC?s organization using a diagnostic model, Kirk Tiberius asks you to devise a new change or strategic vision that will increase productivity and innovation. Part of your task with implementing this new change is to identify and overcome resistance to organizational change presented by these innovations in the manufacturing department. Imagine the types of methods necessary to implement needed changes. What probable resistances to organizational change might develop? What are some factors in this scenario that might facilitate acceptance of these new changes?,This is a team assignment so I only really need one part not all I need a part of the power point and part of the assignment. I don't know how to use this site this is the first time. thanks for any help you can give.


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