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"Reflective Paper Draft The week 3 assignment is a rough draft of your final reflective paper. The rough draft should include an analysis of your morals and ethics and an analysis of your organization's morals and ethics, obviously applying the course concepts. Keep in mind that this is only a rough draft, but that does not mean it should be an outline or a simple restatement of the assignment directions. While the paper does not have to be a complete finished product, it should have a good portion of what you will have in your final paper. Reflective Paper This paper should begin with an analysis and evaluation of your values and ethics and then an analysis and evaluation pertaining to ethics in the organization for which you work (or in the absence of a current employer an important organization of which you are a part or a past employer). As a part of your evaluation, relate your organization?s ethics to combinations of the theories and concepts learned in this course. Include in your Reflective Paper a discussion of the following: 1. Your personal values, personal vision/mission statement and a personal code of ethics to guide you as a manager or future manager. 2. Your organization?s workplace values, culture/climate, vision/mission statement and code of ethics. (If any of these are not published, interpret them from organizational policies, observations and experiences therein, and examples of the organizational climate and/or operational practices.) 3. Your organization?s social responsibilities and your appraisal of whether and how effectively it meets those responsibilities. 4. Your organization?s ethical analysis and training programs, and an evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses 5. The moral philosophy(ies) and ethical principle(s) in your organization that you affirm most and least. Give specific, detailed examples of circumstances and contexts Relate all of these in a meaningful way to the most important concepts you learned throughout this course. Next, reflecting upon the judgments you have made, project how you would want to change the organizational culture/climate if you became the leader of your organization. Finally, present a plan for how you would go about implementing such change. In developing your plan, try to apply in an integrative and coherent manner everything of true significance related to such planning that you learned in this course and then think about/report specific scenarios that you would expect to result. " - Sent to Business Expert Tutor on 4/5/2012 at 12:12pm You asked: "Rache All I need is a draft for the final paper that I will request from you in two weeks. When I request the final paper I will send you the reflective paper draft back. Hopefully you will accept this request. I attached what the final paper will contain in the request. Thank",I will be out of town until 16 Apr. I hope the longer deadline will allow you to accept this assignment. Thanks in advance.,Rachel I can increase the deadline to 2012-04-18 12:30pm if I go to 2012-04-19 I would lose three grade. I can increase the amount if you can complete by 4-18. I hope you accept.,Rachel if the 19th April is what you need I will take it too, that way I get credit. Thank you


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