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As a graduate you are required to design a 15.3 km...




As a graduate you are required to design a 15.3 km water pipeline to convey a discharge of Q=0.4-x/3000 cumecs between two large reservoirs in a large regional city, using the Moody diagram and the Darcy-Weisbach friction equation. The pipe material will be UPVC and internal diameters available from the preferred supplier are in 50 mm increments starting from 50 mm ID. In this pipeline there will be five 90? elbows, a fully open swing check valve, three gate valves that are fully open, and two 45? bends, with the pipeline fitting flush with the reservoir walls. If the elevation difference between the water surfaces is y=25 + x/11 metres, what minimum pipeline diameter will be required to convey the design discharge? Once your design is complete, determine the actual discharge. The value of x equals 23.,Thank you.,How did you get those answers, is there a diagram that can be drawn?,Thank you


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