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I do have a question however, but could you help me with something else that is due this Saturday? Today is Tuesday, 03/08, I would need it to me by Friday to proof read and adjust with my information. It is an argumentative paper on "Are charter schools/vouchers detrimental to the American educational system?" Here are the instructions: Select one of the above issues and construct a six-to eight-page argument in which you use the following format. Your paper will have three parts: Thesis, Anti-thesis, and Synthesis. Mark each section clearly with a section header. The sources used in the two sections may overlap and need not be completely different. No orphan sources: if a source is in the reference list, it must be quoted in the text, either a direct quote or paraphrased; if a source is quoted in the text, it must be in the reference list. Popular websites such as Wikipedia are not considered suitable as academic sources. You are to use the Ashford online library databases for your academic resources. If you do want to use articles from the Web, start with Google Scholar. Part I: Thesis Part I is your thesis. Write a short essay (two-to three- pages) taking one side or the other on the issue you select. You want to state very clearly the reasons you are taking the position you take, but you don?t have to defend it thoroughly (that?s what Part III is for). Part II: Anti-thesis Part II is the anti-thesis. Write a critical analysis in reply (two-to three- pages) to your essay in Part I by imagining that you oppose what the writer of Part I has stated. Careful reasoning is required. YOU MUST USE AT LEAST 3-5 academic/scholarly sources in the formation of this section. Remember that you are playing the ?devil?s advocate,? but what every student must realize is that a sound critical thinker can argue any side of an argument because he/she is diligent and flexible in his/her thinking. Part III: Synthesis Part III is the synthesis (about two pages). Revisit Part I and, taking into account all the criticisms of Part II, write a thorough defense of your position. Again, like Part II, you must use at least 3-5 academic/scholarly sources in the formation of this section. Writing the Argumentative Paper The Argumentative Paper: Must be six-to eight-double-spaced pages in length and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the approved style guide. Must include a title page (in addition to the six-to eight- content pages) that includes the following in sequence: Title of paper Student?s name Course name Instructor?s name Date submitted Must include an introductory paragraph with a succinct thesis statement. Must address the topic of the paper with critical thought. Must conclude with a restatement of the thesis and a conclusion paragraph. Must use APA style as outlined in the approved APA style guide to document all sources. Must include a Reference page (in addition to the six-to eight-content pages) that is completed according to APA style as outlined in the approved style guide. I have the title page, just need the content paper and references used and correct citation. We use Turnitin to make sure it is original to avoid plagarism. Please let me know if this is something you would be willing to do. Thank You Rose " Tips for the Final Argumentative paper: ? General writing reminders: o Follow APA formatting (this includes using 12-point, Times New Roman font; double spacing; using proper margins and indents; developing an APA -formatted title page and reference page.) o Be sure to always meet the length requirement for your assignments. The length requirement for this assignment is six to eight pages of text. This does not include the title and reference pages. o Always proofread your assignments before submitting them for grading; it is also recommended that you use a spell check. o Avoid the use of personal pronouns (these can include: I, me, my, myself, you, we, and our) o When choosing a topic for this assignment from the given list keep in mind that you may not want to choose a topic that you feel strongly about. Choosing a topic that you are passionate about can hinder your ability to effectively see the opposing viewpoint and may cause you to construct an argument based on the logical fallacies rather than scholarly sources. o Be sure that you have an introduction and conclusion. ? This paper should be written in three distinct sections: thesis, anti-thesis, and synthesis. These sections should be clearly marked with section headers. Each section should be at least two pages in length and no more than three pages in length. o Thesis: ? This should be the first section of the paper. In this section of the essay, you will state your stance on the topic at hand. For example, if you were arguing that abortion should be legal, you would state your case for abortion remaining legal in this section of the paper. ? Do not address opposing arguments in this section. ? This section should be two pages in length. o Anti-thesis: ? This is the second section of the paper. In this section, you would state the opposing arguments. For example, if in the thesis you argued for abortion to remain legal, you would know address why others say abortion should not be legal. ? Do not refute the opposing arguments. Your stance on the issue should not be discussed in this section. ? ? Use scholarly sources to support the opposing argument. You need to use at least three sources in this section of the assignment. ? This section should be two to three pages in length. o Synthesis: ? This is the final section of the assignment. This section should refute the arguments of the anti-thesis. You would not use the same arguments you used in the first section of the paper but rather tell the opposition why the arguments are wrong. For example, in a paper arguing for abortion, the synthesis section would use scholarly sources to explain why the opposition's arguments are not valid. ? Use scholarly sources to refute the opposing argument. You need to use at least three sources in this section. The sources that you use can be the same sources that you used in the anti-thesis section of the assignment. ? This section should be two to three pages in length. Research and Citation Information: o Using external research to supplement your ideas and arguments is very effective and required in this assignment. However, it is critical that your sources are considered academic in nature. o Remember that with any source it is important to evaluate it in terms of its credibility as this can only add to your authority on the subject. Examples of sources to avoid: Do not use Wikipedia. Its open policy that enables anyone with a computer to edit information makes the site highly unreliable. Mistakes can be made accidentally, or even purposely. Never use Wikipedia for this reason. Avoid using any .com website even popular news .com Web sites such as or are not considered academic in nature. If no author is listed, question the relevancy of the source Again, this will typically deal with non-academic Web sites; if you find an article through a Web site, but no author is listed, consider its relevancy; to be considered an academic source, an article, journal, etc., should be peer reviewed. An article with no author listed in all likelihood did not undergo a peer review. Avoid using personal interviews as a primary source. Again these are not peer-reviewed sources, and while the person being interviewed may be an expert in his/her field there is no way to verify the information as accurate. For example, in the field of psychology there can be numerous approaches and philosophies on certain theories. It would be difficult to distinguish which ideas are the personal opinions of the speaker and which are the generally accepted principles in the field. o When researching sources make sure that they come from credible sources (journals/websites), credible authors (what authority does the writer have regarding your topic?), and updated publication dates. Credible sources include the following: ? Primary sources written by experts in the field of study ? Secondary sources supported by research in primary sources ? Credible sources (experts in the area of study) ? Relevant research (materials are pertinent to the area of study) o Citing sources within your text and on your reference page is important and should be done as to avoid plagiarism. The Ashford Writing Center has detailed information for correct citation practices in APA format. You can also search the internet for other sources pertaining to proper APA formatted citations. ? For websites, in-text citations should not include the URL. Use the author name, title of the article or website. Follow formatting in The Little, Brown Handbook or Ashford Guide (Last name, 2006). ? A source's URL should only be given in the reference page entry. Example: Last-name, F.I. (2006). Website name where information was found. Retrieved December 6, 2007 from


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