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The Florida Pool Home Data Excel file (linked in t...




The Florida Pool Home Data Excel file (linked in the Resources) contains data for 80 properties, as described in the Chapter 3, "Descriptive Statistics: Numerical Methods" reading from your MBA6018 ? Data Analysis for Business Decisions custom textbook. Using the Excel file and the Excel capabilities described in Appendix 2.2 from the same reading in the custom textbook: 1.Calculate the mean, median, range, and standard deviation of home price and size. 2.Assume that the price for home number 66 had been mistyped as 427.9 instead of 247.9. Would the value of each of these statistics increase, decrease, or remain the same? ?Mean. ?Median. ?Range. ?Standard deviation. 3.Calculate the mode for the number of bathrooms. 4.Produce two frequency distributions and histograms?one for homes with pools and one for homes without?showing the number of homes by niceness rating (Column E). What do these two distributions tell you about the relationship between niceness rating and the presence of a pool? 5.Produce a histogram that shows the number of houses by price range, in increments of $50,000 (for example, $0?$50,000, $50,001?$ 100,000, and so on). 6.Produce a scatter plot showing the relationship between price and home size. 7.Produce a scatter plot relating the number of bathrooms to price. Explain why this plot has a bar-like pattern.


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